Watch & Master: This is often How Fruity Close friends Slot is Performed & Gained

We are extremely excited and proud to present Prime Spinners: Slot Players Playing Slot & Winning Big. It is everything you ever wanted from a slot video: Exciting game? Check. An entertaining player? Check. A big win? Check.

So Watch & Learn:

We know it, you know it – slot players love watching other slot players playing slot. We know – this isn’t new. Who would have imagined? Not us. We were too caught up in the slot business to lift our head for a sec from the screen and smell the jackpot.

We wanted to provide you with an xo entertaining first installment from across the globe all the way in Canada, where we located Kandi, an avid slot player by her own account.

In the video Kandi is playing Fruity Friends, one of the most popular online slot games which can only be played on PrimeSlots. It is a great opportunity for those who are not familiar with the Fruity Friends slot (or Kandi) to watch some live spin action and understand what this game is all about.

By the way, in case you were wondering, Kandi is actually as sweet as candy. She made sure to show that officer what she’s made of and work her charm to get out of that speeding ticket! But this has nothing to do with her brother Lobster, he’s more on the savory side.

We’ll be posting more of these videos over time. Our next one will come from this side of the ocean. So stay tuned and keep on spinning!

Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m Kandi!

Stupid name, huh?

My mother actually named me after her favorite food.

My brother, Lobster, is still pissed off.

Man, I’m so excited to be playing this game right now because I’m having a bad day, I got nailed for speeding this morning.

Why is it that cops ask you such stupid questions?

It’s not bad enough you get a ticket he had to ask me “Why are you going so fast?”

I don’t know… probably because I didn’t see you!

And then he starts, “Didn’t you read the sign?”

And I’m like “Officer, didn’t you see how fast I was going?”

“I didn’t have time to read”

“You want me to pay attention to the road, or read your sign?”

Wow! 2 Oranges!

What does that do? I know it does something they’re dancing around.

I’m getting something, Cherries! Cherries!

2 Kings and As! Full House!

2 wild cherries this is so amazing! I love this game

I won!


Don’t you love winning?

How much do we love to win?

This is a great game, Fruity Friends, I love you!

Strawberry! Another strawberry, come on!

Strawberry kiss! There it is!


Yes! Yes!



I love lipstick, all of a sudden I never wear makeup, but strawberry lipstick…


Cash win? Multipliers?

Did I win? What did I win?

I won!

Yes! 2 strawberries!


OK, I’ll take the Pineapple

If there’s enough of you

You’re very cute, mister pineapple

I would date you…

Shhh… Don’t tell my husband…

What a great game! Fruity Friends!

Who’s your favorite?

Papaya? Lemon? Orange?

Those oranges are so cool.

I like the oranges and the pineapples and the cherries and the strawberries.

I think I like them all…

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