How Elections Affect Apple Stock Price

Apple is a multinational corporation that provides products and services to customers worldwide. Apple has been known by everyone in the world because of its brand value. Providing the best products and services in the market has increased its revenue and sales, which results in an increase in Apple Stock Price at

Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in the California United States. Apple company has established its brand name in the market serving best products and services to the customers it shows in increasing its sales revenue which helps then accelerate high profit. But the value of the share doesn’t remain constant due to many reasons, aspect and market conditions. Recently after elections has taken place and it shows a positive conclusion in the share market.

9 elections in the history of Apple

Apple has seen nine elections in the history the first election took place in 1980 between the Republican Party and Democratic Party. Nominee Ronald Reagan from the Republican Party won the white house aloft. Apple shares were young stock to the market. 

Results show an impact on the share market; it is difficult to ascertain regarding apple stock performance. Apple stock has been growing its price up to the big slump of 2008 was phenomenal for the share market. 2005-2007 Apple has played more solid following Democratic control. 

Flowing 1 month’s gain in annualized duration for Apple have been 32.5% following the IPO, but in the moth of elections, the returns were abrogating on mediocre by -6.4%. The average of A&P500 performed worse than mediocre in the most nine previous elections.

Why Did Apple Stock Price Go Up After Elections

After the election is over, on the day of trading, November 3 surged 4%. The stock was back to a high place, and it was the best day since May. Shares perform well because the results of the election were uncertain as the stock continues to climb up. 

As the vote was continuing counted an apple was still down 14% from its peak, Apple investors are long term horizon in mind. Apple investors were spiking on Wednesday has been perceived as safer bets in the growth of the market. 

November 4 was very risky for the stock because of elections, while Microsoft and Apple were up less than 5%, the other company like FAAMG climbed up to 6% to 8%. The question was apple would continue to rise or no, but it is tough to say generally speaking because Apple was still down by 14% from its peak. You can learn more information like income statement at

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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