Damecoins 100% legal or scam?

Currently, I have been operating with cryptocurrencies of various types for some time, I have tried a variety of different platforms and various modalities and ways of working, all this is a great challenge for people who are trying to obtain benefits with cryptocurrencies today.

Today I bring you my experience with the DAMECOINS platform www.damecoins.com before performing any type of operation there, the first thing I did was an investigation that at first did not seem encouraging, but I do not like to draw quick conclusions, it was happening all the comments and reading the comments found one by one and I find it very curious that they also have a large number of very good comments.

This makes me think that more than a scam it was being a little understood platform, so deciding to try it when entering http://www.damecoins.com I find a very pleasant view and with certain very interesting points that you can see highlighted in the following image:

The first thing you notice is that they offer a purchase service without ID, a calculator that shows the cost of the value of the currency to be purchased in the currency you want, you can change the language of the web and the MOST IMPORTANTLY A 24H CHAT, so I decided not be governed by the impulses of quick purchase and use the chat to find out if this platform is for me.

The first thing I notice is that it is not a bot that the chat responds to, which is a great relief, knowing that behind the chat there is another human being reading to answer you, this gave me a little more confidence so I started to investigate …

Once I was able to satisfy my information needs, about commissions, how the web calculator works and the purchase and withdrawal processes, I decided to make the purchase to verify the veracity of the service.

Now I can attest that Damecoins is only a serious and responsible platform, and the bad comments that we can find on the web about Damecoins are comments from users who simply did not use the 24-hour chat to satisfy the necessary doubts they have before buying and being able to make the right decision about whether to operate on said platform is feasible or not.

I recommend www.damecoins.com 100% and please I invite you to use the 24h chat to ask any type of questions regarding the operations you have in mind to carry out with this platform, in this way they do not contribute to other users who They can enjoy this service, do not use them for fear of bad comments from unsuspecting users who do not know how to investigate well to carry out operations or who simply think that the websites should work under their terms or comforts according to each occasion.

Greetings to all and remember, use any means of communication with any website before making any type of cryptocurrency purchase and sale transactions so that you do not have a bad experience.

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