Chrome Frame

The Chrome Flag icon is also a very useful extension that signifies the location of the host of the server you are visiting. It is the flag icon on the address bar.

Recent changes in the browsers have brought about a huge shift in the way people used web browsers. Concentration has shifted to extension’s development than ever before. Why not? Isn’t it a cheaper and convenient option to get an Internet Explorer extension development rather than getting into the browser war?It also helps perform the task much faster irrespective of the browser.

When we talk in terms of the browser, those who believe in performance and stability, appear to have deserted Internet Explorer. Current best is Google Chrome followed by Firefox. I use Chrome 99.99 per cent of times except for the special moments, which necessitates opening up IE. The special moment comprise of testing the look and feel of the website over IE or viewing the rare IE-only page. Constant switching irritates but IE extension development is one of the solutions.

View your page in IE from Firefox

An IE View is a Firefox plugin. It allows viewing the IE-only websites using Firefox browser. It allows users to test their websites and view an IE-only page without using IE browser. It offers an absolute IE browser’s look and feel. Indeed! Microsoft has left many loopholes in its browser and Internet Explorer lacks at various places; especially, where it needs external support. For a fully functional Microsoft browser, one needs to get a third-party support in the form of Internet Explorer plugin development.

Chrome Frame -A recent IE extension development

While Google keeps integrating its Chrome Engine via Internet Explorer extension development, Microsoft doesn’t stop enhancing its browser either. With added functionalities, Chrome has a potential to offer more than IE. Recent IE extension development encompasses Google Chrome Frame (a.k.a Chrome Frame). It enables the Microsoft browser to support high and advanced web technologies. It is also meant to support speedy JavaScript engines. Supporting open technologies such as HTML 5 canvas tag, Chrome Frame is not meant for regular users. However, corporate environments are the likely targets.

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