Advanced Product Launch Secrets – How To Gain A Stampede Of New Customers In Your Business

Your product launch is one of the most important aspects of
your business. If you do not get this right then this will
have a major impact in your business. In this article I
will include some strategies that can be used to enjoy a
very successful product launch that will bring many new
customers into your business

1) Capture the name and email address of all your visitors

You can achieve this very important step by offering a
report of value. There are many ways you can implement
this. For example you can have an unblockable popup or a
subscription box at the top of the screen. Many of the
visitors are only browsers and by following up via email
you can build trust and a relationship with them. It is
also a proven fact that most people need to see your
message at least seven times before they will buy. This
step will significantly improve your conversion and the
amount of new buyers of your new product.

2) Recruit as many affiliates as what you can

Many companies have a thriving business because some of
them have as many as tens of thousands of people promoting
their products for them. Their affiliates sell much more of
their product than what they could ever sell on their own.
Have an affiliate manager that will help you to recruit and
train as many affiliates as what you can.

3) Announce your product beforehand

If you have a very big list then you can send an email with
a sales page that is not yet ready. This will wet the
appetite of your prospective list of buyers and get them
ready to buy when the product is actually launched.

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