Jang Mo Jip – La Palma, CA


Korean food is more than just AYCE BBQ’s. Nothing fancy – usually very simple, but made with love. Hot soup, white rice with multiple side dishes is typical everyday Korean meal.

Jang Mo Jip is just that – and this is why we love this place.

If you Yelp Jang Mo Jip, you’ll find other locations, but other locations are not worth checking out… This is the location you need to go! 🙂


A little hole-in-the-wall place that’s been at the same location for a long time… since my childhood. Friendly service. Generous portions. Radish kimchi they give you is uh-mazing too. Oh, and don’t forget the sweet drink dessert after your done eating. They’ll bring it out to you when they bring you the check.


This simple and comforting soup is best when ordered salkoki only (meat only.. not mixed) and with glass noodles.


Give it a try! I know you’ll enjoy it.


Jang Mo Jip Restaurant

4877 La Palma Ave, LA Palma, CA 90623

(562) 402-7212

Hours: 7 am to 11 pm


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