Sub Club – Torrance, CA

We’ve been eating out lately, so here’s another restaurant review.

Small sub shop in Vista Shopping Center, we found Sub Club.

We always like to ask for recommendations for our first time, so that’s what we did.

$10 – 10″ subs (based on hot subs only. starting at $7.75 for 10″.)

Is it worth going back?


First time visiting Sub Club in Torrance, CA. Very nice older gentleman greeted us, and helped us order our subs.

He suggested that we order two, since it’s two of us. xP



We got 10″ the Cowboy and the Monster subs. $10 each.

Yes, it’s a lot of food, but better value, so we went for it. 🙂

(Saved the leftover for later)


View from the inside while we’re waiting for our subs.

It’s on PCH & Anza, across from CVS plaza.


Very clean interior. They said they’ve been there for over 10 years.

IMG_1271We didn’t eat there, so we brought them home.

This one is the Cowboy. It was turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese and bbq sauce.

Messy, but yummy goodness.

IMG_1272 It looked like they put all the veggies on the left side of the sub, and more bacon right half of the sub.

Not sure why, but it’s okay. We made it somewhat even before we ate it.

IMG_1273It looks good, doesn’t it?

IMG_1274I’ve never heard of Boar’s Head brand meats, but they promote 25% less sodium and less fat.

   IMG_1275  Now the Monster. It has grilled steak, veggies, and cheese. Not sure what kinda sauce.

It was very juicy and messy.


Do you see all the juice on the parchment paper?

It kinda made my sub soggy, but it was still pretty good.


I kinda wanted to save this for another review, but Merlinda sauce….

If you like it HOT, you should definitely try it.

It’s basically a ghost pepper hot sauce, so expect it to be really really hot.

If you’re like ‘Flaming hot Cheetos is too hot for me’, don’t even bother trying it.

This stuff will kill you. >_<

To me (in her opinion), one drop of this sauce per bite is great.


Not sure if we’ll go back anytime soon, but both subs were good.

If we’re craving fresh, hearty deli subs, I’m sure we’ll go back to Sub Club.

Sub Club

4338 Pacific Coast Hwy

Torrance, CA 90505

(310) 373-0993


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