Snow Station – Westminster, CA

Hello guys!

We went down to Orange County to meet up with our friends and decided to check out Snow Station in Westminster. One of our friends suggested that we go here for shaved snow, and of course, we were excited to go!

We ordered four different types of shaved snow:

(Top left) Rose shaved snow with green tea mochi and captain crunch cereal,

(Bottom left) Mango shaved snow with lychee popping boba,

(Bottom right) Milk shaved snow with strawberry and rainbow jelly,

(Top right) Honeydew shaved snow with lychee and green tea mochi.


Mango one has to be our favorite out of four. Mango was so delicious. Really soft, just melts in your mouth. However, popping boba was really weird-Kinda like popping liquid/jelly ball? And it did not have much flavor.

Rose smelled really good, but did not have much flavor. Liked the green tea mochi. Captain crunch was just captain cruch. 😛

Milk tasted like sweet milk mainly because of condensed milk, and strawberry was really sweet.  Rainbow jelly was okay. Nothing special. Milk one was our second favorite.

Lastly, honeydew was decent. Personally, I wished it had more flavor. Soft, melts in your mouth, but other than those two things…. Nothing too special about it.

Our verdict: 4 stars.

Don’t forget to add condensed milk to add extra sweetness.

-1 star for popping boba and 2 of the shaved snows being just decent.

Yes, we would go back to try taro. “His” favor boba flavor. 😉


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