Serendipity 3 – Las Vegas, NV

Hi guys!

It’s been awhile since we posted anything, but that is because we were detoxing.

We are back to eating now, and bought some fun new items to try to review.

So stay tuned 🙂

Have you been to Serendipity 3?

This was our first time trying Serendipity 3, and we were really looking forward to it.

We went during dinner, but we weren’t that hungry so decided to share an entrée and frozen hot chocolate.



After waiting about 20 minutes to get our table, we got a table outside.

Our server didn’t come to our table until 10 minutes of waiting…

Another 10 minutes to get our server to place our order….. and 20 minutes to get our food.

They brought out entrée and frozen hot chocolate at the same time.

I didn’t like that too much… Frozen hot chocolate was soooo good but we couldn’t really enjoy it to the fullest because it was melted by the time we finished our pasta. 😦


Food wise, we both recommend anyone trying here. Pasta and frozen choco both were really really yummy. If we were really hungry, we probably ordered a lot more food and pigged out. 🙂

Service wise……. Unless you have patience for all the waiting you have to do, we don’t recommend it. We’re not patience people, so not too sure if we would go back anytime soon.

Serendipity 3!

Get us a better server next time! PLEASE!! 😀

3/2014 Updated Review on Yelp:

Serendipity 3

3570 Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 731-7373

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