Cravings @ Mirage Hotel – Las Vegas, NV

On our first day of Vegas stay, we hit Cravings at the Mirage Hotel for dinner.

We’ve never tried here before so didn’t know what to expect.

There was no line, and they had very few customers.

We thought that was really unusual for a buffet in Vegas, but because we were both starving… We went in anyways.

Bad decision – WORST BUFFET EVER!

$29.99+tax per person for dinner and NO, this buffet is not worth $30+ per person.

Selection was very limited, food didn’t taste good, and service was slow.

When we got sitted, it took our server literally 15 minutes to bring us water. Another 20 minutes to bring our drinks. Wow…. Seriously?


We were very disappointed…. We only brought 1 plate per person, and even that 1 plate, we didn’t finish…. Server never cleaned our table, nor came to ask if everything was okay.

We hoped for good dessert, but of course… We were disappointed again.


Only things that were decent were shrimps, and gelato.

Crab legs- So dry. I don’t think even our dog would eat it.

Shrimp – Decent. Only thing I thought was decent here.

Seafood ceviche – Wasn’t fresh. Didn’t have much flavor to it.

Sushi – OMG, what did you do to the rice? Not fresh at all. >_<

Pho – Has no flavor. Meat was tough, broth was just beef broth, flavorless.

Chinese food – Again, dry. Too salty.

Tamale and enchiladas – Both bad.

Gelato – Wasn’t bad. Hubby didn’t care for it but I though it was decent.

Pastry items – Stale.

Wines – Ok. It was included so gave them a try, but we’re not really wine drinkers.


We definitely not recommend this buffet.

Please… Don’t waste your money here. >:T


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