Molly Brown’s Country Cafe – Victorville, CA

Molly Brown’s Country Cafe in Victorville is our must-go breakfast spot on our way to Las Vegas. We always leave early in the morning so we can make it for their delicious breakfast.

They are open from 6 AM to 2:30 PM.

 We always get MB’s banana nut bread and biscuit and gravy when we come here. MB’s banana nut bread is warm, buttery, and just perfect. No additional butter necessary, but we went and spread it anyways for extra butteriness. Sweet banana aroma. Dense. Very moist. Definitely not healthy but oh so yummy!!

MB’s infamous country fried steak plate and biscuit and gravy. Best gravy EVER! I would love to get their gravy recipe. 😀


We definitely recommend Molly Brown’s Country Cafe!

Service is great, portions are huge, and food is excellent.

Read our Yelp review here:

Molly Brown’s Country Cafe

15775 Mojave Dr
Victorville, CA 92394


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