[Joint Juice] Glucosamine & Chondroitin Supplement Drink

Hi guys!

We are back and we are back for good.

We’ve been going through some changes and also moved to LA.

We are still not a big fan of LA but slowly getting used to the place.


Today we are reviewing on a dietary supplement drink.

Both of us have been trying to keep up with taking our Glucosamine pills but it’s been really hard for us, and when we found this drink at Costco, we thought why not give it a try.

30 day supplement.

30-8 oz. fl. bottles for $16.59.

Yum or Yuck?



It comes in small 8 fl. oz. bottles. Cran-Pomegranate flavor.

The drink has not only Glucosamine and Chondroitin but also has Vitamin C and D3.

Here’s the supplement facts. Contains 1% juice, 1500mg Glucosamine, 200mg Chondroitin, 20mg Vitamin C, 400IU Vitamin D3.


Her Review:  I liked that it’s only once a day, not three times a day pills. Pills we were taking had fishy smell to them but this drink had Glucosamine derived from a vegetarian source, so no fishyness. I can drink this like regular cranberry cocktail drink, and don’t feel like I’m going to throw up by the fishy smell. Since this is cran-pomegranate flavor, it has sharp and sweet taste of cranberry and pomegranate flavor. It also has slight aftertaste, but it’s really minor and after half way of drinking it, I got used to it.

Overall, I give it a 4 star ★★★★☆. I would definitely get it again and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to take Glucosamine without feeling like they’re taking medicine. It tastes great and has good amount of Glucosamine in that small bottle. Price is pretty good too. It’s about $0.55 per bottle, and if you go to Costco right now, it’s on sale for $11.59. Making it $0.38 a bottle. Definitely give it a try!

His Review: At first, I thought it was a little sour for my taste but it wasn’t bad at all. After all it is cranberry flavor… As I started drinking it more and more, I realized it’s really good. It’s the best when it’s very very cold and almost to the point where it’s about to get icy… very refreshing! Most importantly, I felt it did help my knee but of course it didn’t have a huge affect but still better than taking pills of glucosamine…. Overall I would rate it a 4  star ★★★★☆ and drink it after a nice workout… Tastes amazing!


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