[The Honest Kitchen] Zeal

We went to SD Pet Expo few weeks ago to check out new dog products for our 2 dogs. 

We’ve been to OC Pet Expo last year and was hoping SD Pet Expo will be bigger and better.

Gotta tell you… OC one is way better!

Anyways, we got some samples and here’s the review on Zeal 100% Natural dehydrated food for dogs.

Sample size good for 1 meal for 1 dog.

Yum or Yuck?



Here’s a peek


I poured it in the bowl. You can actually see fish flakes, dried veggies, etc. Looks healthy.


Add water.


Okay, now let it sit for 5 minutes. (Kinda like cup-o-noodles. :D)


It’s ready! It smelled like fish. Not too horrible, but thought I would still tell you.  

Pups’ Review:  My two dogs loved it. They totally cleaned their bowls. 🙂 We would definitely get it again. Our Bichon boy has really sensitive stomach and gets gassy with most of dog foods, but with this one, he did not get gassy. We currently feed them Prairie Holistic food (30 lbs. for $44.59) and Zeal ($52 for 4 lbs. that make 16 lbs. of food) being more than double the price, we won’t be able to feed them Zeal everyday but prolly couple times a week. I would love to give it a 5 star but because of the price, I’m giving it a 4 star ★★★★☆.


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