[Pierre Signatures] Grilled Chicken Sandwich from Costco

We bought frozen Grilled Chicken Sandwich from Costco. It has 12 sandwiches and I think it was about $11-$12. Looked decent so decided to buy it.

Yum or Yuck?


Individually wrapped. Fully cooked chicken patty on sesame buns.

Close up on the frozen buns and the patty.

Yum~ Looks good! Look at the melted cheese šŸ™‚

His Review:Ā  The grilled chicken sandwich was pretty good. Kind of plain but not bad. Obviously I had to add some american cheese + ketchup to give it more flavor. I would have to rate it a 3 star because it’s just plain by itself and kind of reminds me of a plain grilled chicken sandwich I had in elementary school. I’m more of a fan of a deep fried chicken sandwich rather a grilled :-). ā˜…ā˜…ā˜…ā˜†ā˜†

Her Review: This is good for a quick, on-the-go kind of sandwich. On the bland side but with adding a slice of American cheese and little bit of ketchup, it’s pretty good. I baked it in the oven this time so the buns were nicely toasted, making it extra yummy. šŸ™‚ It’s really easy to make, just leave it out then microwave. About $1 a sandwich, I think it’s a good deal. I would buy it again and give it a 4 star. ā˜…ā˜…ā˜…ā˜…ā˜†

24 thoughts on “[Pierre Signatures] Grilled Chicken Sandwich from Costco

  1. Tried this sandwich, loved it as it was a quick lunch..added mayo and dill pickel which made it delicious. Good value for the price but Costco said they no longer carry it, same with Sams Club…where can I find it now?


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  3. They still carry them…we got some today. I agree w/the above reviews. We added Miracle Whip, cheese, lettuce & tomato & bamn, you got a good little sandwich šŸ™‚


  4. Hi, I came to read the review after seeing this sandwich advertised on the Costco coupon book for 1/12/2014-1/26/2014. After reading this, I will be buying a few of these as healthier and affordable eating are a must come the new year!! hehe šŸ™‚ Thanks for the review!!


  5. I bought a box of these 12 grilled chicken sandwiches yesterday at Costco in Nassau county in New York state. The price was $9.99. The sandwiches are pretty much bare-bones [buns and patties] so you gotta pimp-it-up with your own condiments and :toppings”. The buns are much better/tastier than McDonald’s buns and the chicken patties are great. For $10 per 12 sandwiches this is a steal. Too bad that the nearest Costco is a 2-hour ride away.


  6. Costco opened a new store in Ft. Wayne, IN and I was fortunate enough to have my company buy a card for me. The first time I visited, they were having a taste testing of this fine little sandwich and I bought a box (along with most of the customers I saw in line). I was getting tired of the same ole breakfast sandwich and decided this would be a perfect change. I bought two boxes and the third time, I was told they were discontinued. WHAT?!? WHY?!? I was sooooo disappointed. Now I don’t know what I will do. COSTCO please, please, please bring them back!!!!!!


  7. Looks like the local Costco finally ran out, and haven’t had them for a few months. Anyone know of anything similar, even at normal grocery stores?


      1. Caroline, Ours had them about 2 weeks ago too and they were in the Costco flyer. Waiting to make room in the freezer so we can stock up. šŸ™‚


  8. Went to Costco in Milford, CT, on 8/21/15, they did not have the Pierre Signature Grilled sandwiches! Every other time we went there they had them. Does this mean they are not going to carry them. If this is the way it is going to be, let me know where I can find them! My family truly enjoys them.


  9. We loved them too! Costco told us they were discontinued. Costco has a history of doing that with really good items. What can the consumer do?


  10. Love, love the chicken sandwich. I bought it for my grandson at Costco. He has a lot of food allergies and this was perfect. Unfortunately they no longer carry it. I have tried numerous websites and cannot locate. Please advise where I can purchase!


  11. I bought them at my local COSTCO near Philly, PA. My grandson loves them and they make a great quick sandwich . He likes them with mayo. I was looking for them last week both neither store had them… Hope to see some soon. I originally picked them up during a demo in the summer around 7 or 8/15.


  12. I have been buying this product for several years; however, last week when I purchased a box, I was sadly disappointed how you had sunken them in size. The price is still the same. I feel if you were going to size down the product then the price should go down as well. My grandkids, brought it to my attention on how small they had gotten and the favor is not the same. The burger was very thin and small as well as the bun. I will no longer by this product in the future.


  13. I tried to get them at my Costco in Mt Laurel Nj and they don’t have them. I have been buying them and they are very good. Anyone know where else I can get them?


  14. I love the chicken sandwiches but have not been able to find them at Coscos in Denver or Littleton. Do they sell them at any grocery stores?


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