[Ottogi] Buckwheat Bibim Ramyon

We tried Ottogi’s Buckwheat Bibim Ramyon (Mehmil Bibimmyun) today.

Did you know buckwheat is a great diet food? On the label it says total calorie per bag is 540 calories but we think it’s lower since you dump out all the oil when you cook the noodles.


Yum or Yuck?


So this how it looks like when you take it out of packaging. Liquid sauce, which contains Korean red pepper paste mix (red packaging on left) and dried buckwheat noodles.

It says the sauce contains 11% of apple juice and 0.5% of buckwheat sprout extract. No NSG.

Back of the packaging. It shows the ingredients and how to cook the noodles.

This is optional but we added about 8 leaves of red lettuce. This is like Romaine lettuce, just softer. You can also add some cucumber or kimchi and/or boiled egg cut in half. Yum~!

I thinly chopped it.

Bring the water to boil and put in the noodles.

Boil the noodles for 3 minutes.

Noodles will look like this when it’s ready.

Looks ready!


After carefully dumping the hot water and rincing the noodles for about 3-4 times in cold water, drain all the water and put the red sauce and add some toasted sesame seeds and sesame oil to the noodles. Make sure there are no excess water before you put the sauce.

A table spoon of sesame oil is a must. Toasted sesame seeds too. You’ll be surprised how big of a difference it makes.

Now you mix the noodles and the sauce.

If you have lettuce or any other addition you want to put in to your noodles, now is the time. If you put it in before you mix the sauce, you might not get all the noodles so add your lettuce after you mix it. We sandwiched noodles between beds of lettuce. 


It looks just okay but tastes better than it looks!

After math: 


His Review: Basically, I saw it on sale at the Asian market and noticed some old man grab like 8 packs so… I thought I buy 2 packs of 5… I’ve never tried it before nor do I like buckwheat.  Little did I know, it was amazing. Of course neither did my girl… After trying it we both fell in love with it considering it was only $1.99 per pack of 5, healthy buckwheat, and delicious!!! It has a sweet/spicy taste to it… so if you can’t handle a hint of spice… don’t eat it. Personally, I love spicy food but my stomach cannot take it… For example: hot cheetos is too spicy for me… but I love it… I would rate the spice of hot cheetos as a 7… Therefore I would consider this noodles spicy level as 5… So it has a hint of sweet/spicy taste that is perfect for my tastebuds… I would have to rate this a 4 star ★★★★☆ only because it doesn’t fill me up… I’m 6’0 200lb… 4.58oz of noodles is def not gonna fill me up.. Also the retail price of this is anywhere between $3.99 – $5.99 per pack of 5.

Her Review: Ottogi’s Buckwheat Bibim Ramyon was delish!! I give it a 5 star ★★★★★. We bought it from a local Korean market for $1.99 for 5 pack. It was a steal!! Normally $3.99 for 5 pack. I love the fact that it’s made with buckwheat, which may combat high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Not greasy unlike any other instant noodles you buy at Asian markets. For my taste bud, this was not spicy at all. Just the right amount of sweetness to blend the spicyness of the sauce. Kinda like cider-like flavor (probably from the apple juice) makes it really yummy. One thing you have to remember though… You eat this cold. It’s not like typical hot Asian instant noodles. It’s definitely worth trying so give it a try if you can find this at your local Asian grocery markets.


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