[Pierre Signatures] Grilled Chicken Sandwich from Costco

We bought frozen Grilled Chicken Sandwich from Costco. It has 12 sandwiches and I think it was about $11-$12. Looked decent so decided to buy it.

Yum or Yuck?


Individually wrapped. Fully cooked chicken patty on sesame buns.

Close up on the frozen buns and the patty.

Yum~ Looks good! Look at the melted cheese :)

His Review:  The grilled chicken sandwich was pretty good. Kind of plain but not bad. Obviously I had to add some american cheese + ketchup to give it more flavor. I would have to rate it a 3 star because it’s just plain by itself and kind of reminds me of a plain grilled chicken sandwich I had in elementary school. I’m more of a fan of a deep fried chicken sandwich rather a grilled :-). ★★★☆☆

Her Review: This is good for a quick, on-the-go kind of sandwich. On the bland side but with adding a slice of American cheese and little bit of ketchup, it’s pretty good. I baked it in the oven this time so the buns were nicely toasted, making it extra yummy. :) It’s really easy to make, just leave it out then microwave. About $1 a sandwich, I think it’s a good deal. I would buy it again and give it a 4 star. ★★★★☆

15 thoughts on “[Pierre Signatures] Grilled Chicken Sandwich from Costco

  1. Tried this sandwich, loved it as it was a quick lunch..added mayo and dill pickel which made it delicious. Good value for the price but Costco said they no longer carry it, same with Sams Club…where can I find it now?


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  3. They still carry them…we got some today. I agree w/the above reviews. We added Miracle Whip, cheese, lettuce & tomato & bamn, you got a good little sandwich :)


  4. Hi, I came to read the review after seeing this sandwich advertised on the Costco coupon book for 1/12/2014-1/26/2014. After reading this, I will be buying a few of these as healthier and affordable eating are a must come the new year!! hehe :-) Thanks for the review!!


  5. I bought a box of these 12 grilled chicken sandwiches yesterday at Costco in Nassau county in New York state. The price was $9.99. The sandwiches are pretty much bare-bones [buns and patties] so you gotta pimp-it-up with your own condiments and :toppings”. The buns are much better/tastier than McDonald’s buns and the chicken patties are great. For $10 per 12 sandwiches this is a steal. Too bad that the nearest Costco is a 2-hour ride away.


  6. Costco opened a new store in Ft. Wayne, IN and I was fortunate enough to have my company buy a card for me. The first time I visited, they were having a taste testing of this fine little sandwich and I bought a box (along with most of the customers I saw in line). I was getting tired of the same ole breakfast sandwich and decided this would be a perfect change. I bought two boxes and the third time, I was told they were discontinued. WHAT?!? WHY?!? I was sooooo disappointed. Now I don’t know what I will do. COSTCO please, please, please bring them back!!!!!!


  7. Looks like the local Costco finally ran out, and haven’t had them for a few months. Anyone know of anything similar, even at normal grocery stores?


      1. Caroline, Ours had them about 2 weeks ago too and they were in the Costco flyer. Waiting to make room in the freezer so we can stock up. :)


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